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The John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre is the only interdisciplinary, academic health ethics centre in Alberta and one of the first in Canada. The Centre is involved in health ethics education, research and community engagement at the University of Alberta.



 Health Ethics Today     Health Ethics Today - Read the latest issue, Volume 24(1) August 2016.    
Heidi Janz' video contribution in Project Value, a collection of videos by disabled Canadians sharing why disabled lives have value. To view: https://www.facebook.com/projectmyvalue/videos/286991004999593/    

    Video from Keynote Presentation by Eric Wasylenko, Enabling Autonomy and Vulnerable Trust for Decisionally Incapable Persons now available to view.

Attend an Event

  1. Clinical Ethics Grand Rounds

    November 01 2016

    Presenter: Brendan Leier

  2. Health Ethics Symposium

    November 25 2016

    Medical Assistance in Dying

  3. Health Ethics Seminar

    December 09 2016

    Health, Menstruation, and Sexuality: The Christian Tradition and Contemporary Realities. Presenter: Doris Kieser

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